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The electronic cigarette user breathes in pretty much pure nicotine. This substance will boost the e-liquid australia user’s energy by increasing his adrenaline levels. It also increases the amount of dopamine in the organism of e-cigarettes australia users, which will result in his better mood.  The strongest e-liquids will contain as much nicotine ad a regular cigarette. The difference is that, this amount will last for 15 indrawn breaths in a tobacco cigarette, and e-cigarette users will be able to inhale over three hundred times. The organism of e-cig users absorbs almost 98 percent of inhaled nicotine, therefore there are hardly any dangers for outsiders. However this fact may be a danger for the e-smoker. The bad things about regular cigarettes have been eliminated in its electronic version. Bad breath or burning throat will not be a case with e-smoking, making it seem very appealing.


This may be a problem. Smoking any kind of cigarette is probably not the best idea. Whether you are a tobacco smoker or one of the e-cig australia users is of course different, but perhaps not as different as you might think.

People usually look at electronic cigarettes as a nice and easy way of quitting smoking, but what if we look at it the other way around. Someone may start by smoking electronic cigarettes and this might make it easier for him or her to take up tobacco smoking, which definitely is more harmful for the organism. Also the e-cig is a fairly new invention. At first no one considered traditional cigarettes a threat. It took some time before people realized that they can be the cause of many illnesses, some of them very serious.

I am not trying to say that this will be the case with electronic cigarettes australia users. I do not consider myself to be a specialist in this field whatsoever (the only knowledge I have is information form other articles and quite some experience in smoking tobacco), but this is something which maybe one should think about when taking up e-smoking.

Although some bad things have been said (also in this article) about the electronic version of the traditional cigarette, I still reckon this is the right trend. E-cig users will most definitely end up with healthier organisms than tobacco smokers. When I looked at the list of toxins that a smoker inhales, I was shocked and terrified. Some of the stuff that they (or should I say “we”) breathe in is none less than deadly poison. And still, even with that knowledge, it is so hard to quit. Perhaps the e-cigarette might be, at the very least, a step in the right direction.

For many it could be a start. It’s not the full solution, but maybe a part of it. It sounds like a better option than the ill-flavored chewing gum or patches and pills. It’s also cheaper in the long run. Possibly giving the e-cigarette a chance is a good idea.

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The number of e-cigarette users out there keeps growing. The manufacturers of the new cigarette are trying to convince us that their gadget is the best and least harmful way of quitting regular tobacco smoking.

Apparently this may not be exactly true. Some specialists think that becoming an electronic cigarette Australia user is not a good way of kicking the bad habit at all. The e-liquid (a substitute for tobacco in the electronic cigarette) contains nicotine – the most addictive substance in a cigarette. On the other hand, e-smoking doesn’t involve cigarette smoke – the repelling part of smoking.

When inhaling, an e-liquid Australia user starts a whole lot of chemical processes inside the tiny metal packaging of the electronic cigarette. As a result, an electronic cigarette user will inhale nicotine fumes – a very good imitation of tobacco smoke.


It seems that with nicotine gum, patches and pills, the e-cigarette isn’t a spectacular and necessary innovation. However, e-cig users are able to enjoy the actual activity of smoking – of inhaling and blowing out (some form of) smoke. For e-cigarette australia users this is simply way more enjoyable than sticking a skin-colored patch to their arm. And what is probably the most important, it skips the whole process of breathing in toxic substances, produced when smoking tobacco. Some of them even carcinogenic. The average e-liquid user, at least in theory, will be healthier than the average tobacco smoker.

According to specialists, the e-cigarette only contains vestigial amounts of carcinogenic substances. The e-liquid contains substances like water, alcohol, nicotine and harmless pheromones to name a few.